Monday, June 20, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

I know!  This is really late but this summer has been crazy busy!

We went to the lake to spend Memorial Day weekend with our friends the Lands.  The girls were leaving to go to Disney with Mom & Dad for the week so it worked out for us to be there.  They left early Saturday morning!

The boy loves riding his scooter!

Good buddies help each other out!

3 cute boys!

Caleb swimming to Daddy!

Mr. Jeff skiing!

Reed jumping into the lake!! 

Will trying to drive the boat!

Toga Toga!

Caleb rode the jet ski!  Glad I didn't know about it!

Cutest boy born on 12/27/07 on the boat!

Swimming by himself!!
We spent the weekend on the lake, swimming and riding the jet ski.  It was a very relaxing weekend!  All the boys enjoyed playing together!  Caleb did amazingly well swimming on his own in the lake.  He really took to it this year, jumping in off the boat, etc.  What a big boy!

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  1. Totally love your PCness. "Cutest Boy born on 12/27". HAHAHA!