Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Race to Win

This year's children's musical was Race to Win.  Carah played the part of Pops.  She did a great job!  Cate also got to quote John 3:16 during the musical!  She was so proud of herself and we were too!

Carah's Fourth Grade Graduation

Carah looking beautiful!
Carah with her awards

Carah with Mrs. Singleton, her teacher.

Carah & her good friend Kelly

Carah & Downtown Shelly Brown!

Where have the years gone?  Carah has finished her time in elementary school!  I remember crying as I made her lunch for her first day of kindergarten!!  She received the Character Award this year!  This means she demonstrates honesty, generosity, respect and responsibility!  We are so proud of our girl!  She is growing up to be such a special young lady!