Saturday, December 31, 2011

Caleb's Preschool Choir "Performance"

This year our church started a preschool choir called "Wee Praise" and I co-lead them with my friend Christy Davis.  The children got to sing in our Sunday evening hymn sing service a couple of weeks ago.  They sang Silent Night and Jingle Bells.  I knew we would hit some bumps in the road but I had no idea it would play out like this!  Check out this video of Caleb escaping from singing.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Little Cate Turns 8!

Cate was so excited for her birthday this year (but I think she is EVERY year!).  Caleb & I brought pink cupcakes for her birthday snack and ate lunch with her.  She took our family and the Lands out for dinner for her birthday to Demos' and then she got her ears pierced as reward for finally breaking her habit of sucking her thumb!

The next night was her birthday party.  She had a hot pink zebra stripe party!  She and her friends played "Pin the Tail on the Zebra" and Just Dance!  Cate got some nice presents from her friends and enjoyed her party very much!

Our Cate is growing up so fast!  We are so proud of the little lady she's becoming.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Surprise Visit from Molli Beth!

Carah jumped off the sofa when Molli walked in!

BFFs happy to be together!

Last month I went to visit my friend Elizabeth.  Her and her family had recently moved to Kentucky from Tennessee.  Her daughter Molli Beth and Carah have been best friends since they were 3!  We cooked up a scheme for me to bring Molli back to spend the weekend with us, without Carah knowing.  When Molli & I got home that evening, Carah was so surprised!  She and Molli had the best time together all weekend.  We are so glad we still get to see her even though she's moved away!

Halloween 2011

This year we once again spent Halloween at our church's Harvest Festival.  It is always such a great time!

Carah dressed as a 1980s Valley girl!  Cate was a friendly, sweet hot pink witch, and Caleb was Spiderman!

Look at Spiderman's muscles!

Carah as a 1980s Valley girl

Cate the friendly, sweet hot pink witch

Cate with Elisabeth & Maddie (also friendly, sweet witches!)

Caleb with his buddies, Reed & Nash

Caleb is growing up!!

This fall we bought Caleb a new-to-him bike with training wheels.  He has loved riding his bike!  He is so proud of his "big boy" bike!

He has also learned to swing by himself!  This is probably one of the best things for children to learn, as it makes going to the park more enjoyable for the parents!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Caleb's First Day of Preschool

Putting on his new shoes

Ready to go!

I know the way!

Caleb with Mrs. Jennifer

Caleb with Mrs. Gena
Caleb will be attending 3-year old preschool this year!  He started on Monday and had a really good day.  His teachers are Mrs. Jennifer and Mrs. Gena.  He already knows most of the children in his class from MDO.  He was so excited about going to school today, he ran out and got in the car before I even had his backpack ready to go!  So proud of my wonderful boy!

Friday, August 12, 2011

First Day of School

Today was the girls' first day of school.  Carah is starting 5th grade at the middle school (YIPES!) and Cate is in 2nd grade.  They were very excited this morning and I think they'll both have wonderful years.  We were very happy with Carah's teachers at the middle school, considering how hesitant we were to send her there.  Cate got Susan Brown, who is a friend of mine!  She was so excited to get Mrs. Brown!  Caleb will start 3 year old preschool later this month.  Time is flying by!!!

Shelly rode with Carah & Danny to SMS

Cate with Mrs. Brown (Susan!)

Isle of Palms 2011

We had such a relaxing time at IOP this year!  We didn't even go out as much as we usually do!  We went to the beach, pool, and ate at Hyman's Seafood (our favorite!).  We did go shopping one evening and got ice cream once.  The children loved playing in the waves at the beach and Caleb learned to swim without his life jacket in the pool.