Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Surprise Visit from Molli Beth!

Carah jumped off the sofa when Molli walked in!

BFFs happy to be together!

Last month I went to visit my friend Elizabeth.  Her and her family had recently moved to Kentucky from Tennessee.  Her daughter Molli Beth and Carah have been best friends since they were 3!  We cooked up a scheme for me to bring Molli back to spend the weekend with us, without Carah knowing.  When Molli & I got home that evening, Carah was so surprised!  She and Molli had the best time together all weekend.  We are so glad we still get to see her even though she's moved away!

Halloween 2011

This year we once again spent Halloween at our church's Harvest Festival.  It is always such a great time!

Carah dressed as a 1980s Valley girl!  Cate was a friendly, sweet hot pink witch, and Caleb was Spiderman!

Look at Spiderman's muscles!

Carah as a 1980s Valley girl

Cate the friendly, sweet hot pink witch

Cate with Elisabeth & Maddie (also friendly, sweet witches!)

Caleb with his buddies, Reed & Nash

Caleb is growing up!!

This fall we bought Caleb a new-to-him bike with training wheels.  He has loved riding his bike!  He is so proud of his "big boy" bike!

He has also learned to swing by himself!  This is probably one of the best things for children to learn, as it makes going to the park more enjoyable for the parents!