Saturday, December 31, 2011

Caleb's Preschool Choir "Performance"

This year our church started a preschool choir called "Wee Praise" and I co-lead them with my friend Christy Davis.  The children got to sing in our Sunday evening hymn sing service a couple of weeks ago.  They sang Silent Night and Jingle Bells.  I knew we would hit some bumps in the road but I had no idea it would play out like this!  Check out this video of Caleb escaping from singing.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Little Cate Turns 8!

Cate was so excited for her birthday this year (but I think she is EVERY year!).  Caleb & I brought pink cupcakes for her birthday snack and ate lunch with her.  She took our family and the Lands out for dinner for her birthday to Demos' and then she got her ears pierced as reward for finally breaking her habit of sucking her thumb!

The next night was her birthday party.  She had a hot pink zebra stripe party!  She and her friends played "Pin the Tail on the Zebra" and Just Dance!  Cate got some nice presents from her friends and enjoyed her party very much!

Our Cate is growing up so fast!  We are so proud of the little lady she's becoming.