Monday, June 20, 2011

Carah Turns 10!!!

She's 10!
My baby girl is 10.  She is one decade old!  She's in the double digits!  Carah was so excited to turn 10 due to all these reasons!  We woke her up on her birthday (the 8th) with the traditional singing of Happy birthday and she requested homemade waffles for her birthday breakfast.  We went to VBS that day and she went swimming with friends that afternoon.

Since her birthday always falls during VBS so we have to work around that with her party.  She had a few friends spend the night Friday night and her party was supposed to be a pancake party at 10 the next morning.  However, her softball tournament was that same weekend!  Her team ended up having a game Saturday morning so we had to push her party til 5 that evening!  Most people still wore their pajamas and we still had pancakes, etc.

Birthday breakfast

Eating breakfast

Opening a big present!

WOW!  A laptop!

She looks excited, doesn't she?!

Also thrilled!

Our new family fun!

Softball cupcakes

It was a little challenging to put 10 candles on a cupcake!

Carah with Kelly & MolliBeth

Blowing out candles

A bunch of girls

The Pancake Man

Mrs. Christy & Reed

The Birthday Girl

Opening gifts

Mrs. Abbey & Will (A.K.A. Pork Chop)

Will wallowing in the tissue paper

All the party guests!
She got a laptop from Granpa & Grammy, which she was very excited about!  We got her Just Dance for the Wii.  Her friends gave her art supplies, a DS game, a board game, and many other fun things.  What a great birthday!

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