Friday, August 23, 2013

Linen Closet Reorganization

We moved into our new house over a year ago and most things have stayed where they were shoved placed since then.  Our linen closet (the ONLY one in the whole house) has been operating in a "shove and shut the door fast" mode since then.  Now that my days are child-free (and I need PROJECTS people!) I've decided to conquer it!

Linen Closet Before

I took everything out, which may not have been the wisest method since I was surrounded by linens and could barely move!  I read online (because everything online is true) that a family needs at least 2 sets of sheets per bed, one on the bed and one in the laundry.  I pared down our number of sets according to that guideline.  I also read that it's easier to keep all the pieces of a set together when you fold up the sheets and put the flat sheet, fitted sheet and 1 pillow case inside the second pillow case.

On to towels...Danny & I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary this summer and we have towels that we received then!  The yard sale pile has grown now.  I kept all the towels that match our bathroom decor at the present time.  We really hope to remodel our bathroom sometime soon and will buy new towels at that time.
Linen Closet After

What an accomplishment!  Of course, I marked it off my project list!  Anyone need a closet remake??

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