Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Life's New Season

Today was Caleb, my youngest child's, first day of school. He was all smiles when he got his picture made holding his large brand new backpack. Caleb walked into school holding his Daddy's hand.  He is in a wonderful teacher's class, Mrs. Crystal, the same one Carah and Cate had when they were in kindergarten.  

With that said, I did have a bit of a rough time with him going to school this year.  He's my baby, the last one at home.  I spent the night before looking through his baby pictures and my eyes started leaking!

I read a status update of a friend today who just sent her oldest to college and it resonated with me.  She wrote, "I could put on my optimistic face and say I am embracing change…change is great... OR I could just be real, and say I don't like change, but I'm choosing to learn to adapt better...."

The first few days of school parents can walk their children to their classroom. We walked Caleb into school, took a picture of him in his seat, gave kisses and left.  On the way home, Danny made the comment that we have now entered into a new season of life.  All 3 children are in school, every day, all day.

Now the big question for me is...What now?  Back to school?  Work?  Doing what?  Oh the decisions!!

For now, I've applied to substitute teach in Pleasant View schools and will continue being the Calendar Girl (read: event booking agent) for my friend Abby.  I'm sure I'll find enough to keep myself out of trouble!

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