Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break Trip

Wild animals

The Tree House


Photos from Sgt. York's house

More Sgt. York


Sgt. York's house

Train  museum

Tree House

Sam Houston's law office

Did you know Sam Houston is the ONLY man to serve as governor of 2 states?  TN & TX

Grandma with girls at the falls

Inside the Tree House

Beautiful girls

Papa with the girls inside Sgt. York's house

At the falls

WAY UP inside the Tree House

Caleb would've been in HEAVEN!!!
The girls went with Grandma & Papa to Crossville for Spring Break the other week.  They saw Camp Rock the musical, Sergeant Alvin York's homestead (he was the most decorated World War I hero), Sam Houston's law office, swam, played in the Tree House, and hiked to some falls.  Danny, Caleb & I drove over Thursday and we went to the Knoxville zoo on Friday.  What a beautiful day we had!  The girls had such a wonderful time!

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